Video Portfolio

One Room With A View – Lego Batman v Batman Trailer Remix

Roles: Producer and Editor

BBC Production Apprentice Scheme 2015

A video to advertise the BBC’s Production Apprentice Scheme. I also made two other videos for the Business Higher Management Apprenticeship Scheme and the Journalism Apprenticeship Scheme.

Roles: Self-shooter and editor

GoThinkBig Apprenticeship Tour 2015

The highlights of GoThinkBig’s tour around London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham to promote the benefits and opportunities available with apprenticeships.

Roles: Self-shooter and editor (I shot all the interviews except the London event and some of the cutaways)

Anthony Nolan Ride London 2014 Highlights

Highlights of Anthony Nolan’s fundraisers and post-race reception at the 2014 Ride London event.

Role: Camera Operator (all exterior shots)

Anthony Nolan Thank You

A video thank you from a past transplant recipient who benefited from the help of the Anthony Nolan charity.

Role: Camera Operator (close-ups and exterior shots)

Luol Deng Scoring A Full-Court Basket at Deng Camp

Outtake from coverage of Luol Deng’s basketball training camp. Most of the footage was only intended for the coaches’ use, but this also happened during a break when I happened to be filming.

Role: Camera Operator

Makegood Festival Coverage

One of many interviews with stallholders at the Makegood festival, an event for creative entrepreneurs on the School for Creative Startups.

Role: Camera Operator

These are a selection of my past film projects, all of them made whilst I was a member of XTV.

Director’s Showreel


Starting on October 24th, Proof is a comedy satire based in the wonderful, ridiculous world of student journalism. Any resemblance to persons (or student media teams) living or dead is purely coincidental.

Roles: Writer and director (both with Calum Baker), camera operator, actor
Filmed using a Canon 600D, 60D and a Nikon D5100.

After Life

Blind dates are awkward. They never end well. At least that’s what Alex thinks until he is forced into one and meets his perfect partner, Lucy. The date surpasses his wildest expectations, but when he wakes up the next morning she’s gone. Dead.

His friends can’t console him, but he soon moves on when he meets Natalie at his local record shop. He starts to forget Lucy until an unexpected visitor makes him question everything about her. Life is just the beginning. The real story is After Life.

Roles: producer, director, writer, editor, camera operator, actor
Filmed using a Canon 600D, 650D, 60D and a Nikon D5100.


A short film about a couple, Nick and Emma, whose son is kidnapped and their struggle to handle the aftermath of the event. Nick is racked with guilt because he was having an affair with another woman, Jess, at the time.

Roles: producer, director, writer, editor, camera operator
Filmed using a Canon 600D and a Nikon D5100.

Bang + Whimper Episode 1

The first episode of the comedy sketch show Bang + Whimper (pronounced Bang and Whimper). Featuring sketches about war poetry, silent films, spoof news and the oddest adverts you’ve ever seen.

Roles: producer, director, writer (all sketches except for the silent film sketch and Roger Tolkien sketch), editor, camera operator
Filmed using the Canon XL1.

Bang + Whimper Episode 2

Bang + Whimper are back after our exile in the Bermuda Triangle, ready to bring you moderate hilarity and occasional smirks. In this episode we expose the hidden debauchery of librarians, awkwardly sit in on some marriage counselling and visit our very own loose women.

Roles: producer, director, writer (all sketches except for ‘Cougars’), editor, camera operator, actor
Filmed using the Canon XL1.


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